PineCrypt: the protection for your scripts in Pine.

Now you can protect the code of your PineScripts with this new and awesome tool.
PineCrypt encrypt the source code and limit the time of use of your script for the period you want.
Essential instrument to prevent plagiarism, not authorized copies and the use of your programs (scripts/indicators/strategies) indiscriminately and without your consent.


Losing bars/candles

When the symbol with we are working does not have enough liquidity, the platform can display graphics deformed with fewer quantity of candles than usual.
This “loss” of bars/candles is because the plotter display a element only if there were movements during the time corresponding to said bar, depending on the timeframe we’re working.
A lowest timeframe (1 minute, 5 minutes …), has more probability to get this problem.


CVD Equipment Corp (CVV) with Heiken Ashi candles at 5 minutes. The lack of liquidity for this share reports a graphic with 1-5 candles by day (instead of 77 with other more liquid share or merchant)

CVV (1hora)

The same company with Heiken Ashi candles at 1 hour. The lack of liquidity for this share reports a graphic with 1-3 candles by day (instead of 6 with other more liquid share/subyacent)